Be passionate, you will find solutions

The first edition of Amrita TBI startup hub aimed at building a strong entrepreneurial framework was conducted at the largest urban agglomeration at Amrita University, Kochi Campus. It gathered momentum as a networking event on 23 Sep 2017 when the chief guest of the event Shri Kochouseph Chittilappilly, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of V-Guard Industries delivered the keynote address. The versatile event brought together a diverse group of experts with similar ideologies and also included budding entrepreneurs and students.

He kickstarted with a negative connotation of being an entrepreneur, “You will be thrashed down if you fail.” But he continued,

” If you have an intense passion to work on your idea, it will bear the fruits of success and you will find a solution if you are passionate about your idea.”

The startup event proved to be a platform to get first-hand information from successful business owners and startups to take their idea to the next level. “When I started my business it was slow but there was a steady increase in it.If I had to expand my business I had to improve myself. I am a technical person but acquired skills required to grow a business”, added Chittilappilly.

He also put forth the roadblocks he encountered while marketing his product.In his case, he advertised his product in newspapers only after a period of 5 years of its establishment. In response to a startup about the success of his product, he emphasized on customer satisfaction, adherence to quality, and pricing as the reason behind the triumph. ”

The event is powered by Amrita TBI and NITI-Aayog. Amrita TBI is a non-profit startup incubator supported by Govt. of India and Amrita University which fund, mentor and nurture ideas, startups, and entrepreneurs. In 2017, Amrita TBI received the National Award for being the Best Technology Business Incubator in the country.



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